Ecomotive™ grey water treatment

Biological treatment plant for grey water from cabins and homes enables a completely decentralized wastewater solution

Revolutionizing treatment plant

Biological sewage treatment plant for ships, developed by Ecomotive AS, uses less space onboard and increases treatment efficiency

  • Grey water

    We reduce emissions by separating and treating grey water where it is used

  • Sewage treatment

    We develop more efficient and compact maritime sewage treatment plants

  • New technologies

    We develop new technology and improve existing solutions for wastewater

  • Commercialization

    We simplify the collaboration between research institutions and commerce

Ecomotive works for a more sustainable future!

Ecomotive AS carries out research, development and commercialization of modern and highly resource-saving solutions for water and wastewater. The products developed by Ecomotive has enabled and simplified sustainable wastewater solutions, source separation and emissions reductions for a better environment. And we will keep on refining these solutions.

What does Ecomotive do?

We facilitate interaction between leading research communities and cutting edge green businesses.

How can I contact Ecomotive?

Ecomotive has several offices close to academia and industry in both western and eastern Norway.

What is sustainability?

By re-using waste in a natural cycle while utilizing it as a valuable resource, sustainability can be achieved.

What is source separation?

By separating grey water (from wash basins, showers etc) from sewage, both fractions become more manageable.